Ribbons of Rust

In 2011 ensemble fabrique, a Brisbane based ensemble I co-founded along with composer Timothy Tate, and the new music network presented ribbons of rust a concert incorporating the whirring, spinning, sighing and clanking of reel to reel tape machines, found objects, broken skylark violins, acoustic instruments and a quarter of an inch magnetic tape. Four Brisbane composers created new works for an ensemble of flute, violin, cello, piano and percussion. The pairing of four tape installations resulted in a concert of composed and semi-improvised work through a live interactive electronic tape component. Reel to reel machines wove tape loops around the ensemble, piano and the supporting structure of the building with each reel to reel player whirring to life during the performance. ensemble fabrique was invited to record the concert by ABC Classic FM for later broadcast as well as podcasts which can be downloaded here:

Ribbons 1 | Ribbons 2 | Ribbons 3 | Ribbons 4

ensemble fabrique @ ABC Ferry Road Studios

Interview with Markus Stocker

Markus Stocker, cellist

In 2015 I sat down with Swiss cellist Markus Stocker, long time Senior Lecturer in cello at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, for a conversation at his house in St Lucia, Queensland, Australia.

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